Hello Everybody,

Liberty Deaf Camp is one of the most unique camps in America. This camp is a place for all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and KODA to come together to learn about God’s Word and have a blast and a fun experience that they will never forget. Our desire is that all children will learn how to devote themselves to God instead of the world. Camp will also help them to face the challenge and conquer their own fear. You are invited to come to this wonderful, fun-filled week!

History of Deaf Camp

This year will be our 36th year of Liberty Deaf Camp, which began in 1981 by Rev. Eugene Bordean. He had a desire to make an impact on deaf youth in America. Liberty Deaf Camp continues to grow every year. We are blessed to be here today to continue to carry on Rev. Bordean’s dream

What is the goal for camp?

Our goal at camp is to impart spiritual, social, and cultural values in the lives of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and KODA campers, to provide Deaf adults as role models to encourage and help them reach their maximum potential, to build unity among the Deaf, and to develop long lasting relationships to enhance their future.

The majority of our counselors are Deaf adults who are in leadership in our churches and have been involved with camp for many years. They are great role models to the campers and play a major role in the success of the camp. We have a ratio of one counselor per four students, and teams are divided up into groups with three counselors per dorm.

Who can go to Camp?

This is a camp for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and KODA children 8-19 years old. All counselors are fluent in ASL (most are deaf) and desire to be outstanding role models. It is a great week of fun and excitement!